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Herbal Garden

Herbal Garden of NIUM is situated at the centre of the institute. Area of Herbal garden is 4 acres with landscaped area comprising of more than 193 species and more than 2300 plants in number containing medicinal herbs, shrubs, trees and climbers. Garden simulates terrace farming patterns as it has hilly terrain. The left side of the garden comprises of medicinal herbs, shrubs and climbers and medicinal trees have been grown on right side, both the sides are divided by steps. Herbal garden is equipped with appropriate water source, tools and other materials. It has facility of green house and a poly-house for better propagation and preservation of medicinal plants/herbs, it is maintain by the skilled garden workers. Herbal Garden facilitates the academic and research need of the institute. The main objective is to facilitate the training and teaching of medicinal plants by way of identification and demonstration of the medicinal plants.

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