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Department Of Mahiyatul Amraz

Mahiyatul Amraz (Pathology) is a branch of Unani Medicine concerned with the study of abnormal state of body i.e., disease. It deals with morphological and functional changes occurring in the body i.e., Alamat (signs and symptoms) and their Asbab (cause) as well as course of diseases. It is concerned with the diagnosis of the diseases and its pathogenesis. The department is striving at generalizing the concepts of Marziyyat i.e. Asbab and Alamat. The department of Mahiyatul Amraz was established in 2018 with the aim of explanation, exploration, and comprehension of etiopathogenesis of diseases. The department is committed to shape the skilled future professionals by providing high quality teaching and lab training to the P.G. scholars. The department also conducts journal club, seminar, symposium, and workshops on regular basis for better understanding of the subject. The staffs of department are actively involved in teaching and training of PG students. Beside this, faculty members are also involved in publication of research papers and books.

Faculty Members Name of the staff Designation
1. Prof. Abid Ali Ansari Professor & HoD
2. Dr. Sadique Ali Associate Professor
3. Dr. Azizur Rahman Assistant Professor
4. Dr. Tasfiya Hakeem Ansari Assistant Professor

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