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Department of Ilaj-Bit-Tadbeer

A Unit of Ilaj-Bit-Tadbeer (Regimenal Therapy) is working in hospital section for the care of the patients since 2005. A full fledge department is established in 2014 with entire strength in academics with the objectives of developing well trained and skilled health care providers. The department is imparting high quality teaching and training at post graduate level. The department is deeply involved in training and teaching to the PG Scholars of the department through class room teaching, bedside teachings, seminar presentations, case presentations and demonstration of various regimenal procedures. Presently, 5 PG Scholars are pursuing their post graduate course and new batch is expected to come. Faculty members of the department are actively engaged in teaching, training and research activities. They have a good number of publications in various national and international journals of repute. Presently the department has one Reader and three Lecturers.

This department is dedicated to provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the community. A variety of neurologic patients, considered as untreatable, come for the treatment to neurology OPD. These patients are admitted for the purpose of treatment and rehabilitation employing various regimenal procedures. The treatment of most of the diseases is based on the line of “Tanqiya and Tadeel” (Elimination and Rejuvenation therapy) as advocated in classical texts. A variety of Regimenal therapies are utilized to strengthen the paralyzed and infirm limbs. These therapies include Dal’k (Massage) with medicated oils, Riyazat (rehabilitation exercises), Hijamat (Cupping), Irsal-e-Alaq (Leeching), Gharghara (Medicated Gargle), Nutool, Inkabab (Steam bath), Zimad (application of paste of drugs), Mazoogh (Drugs for chewing), Pashoya (foot bath), Shamoom (Aromatherapy), Atoos, Saoot, Qutoor (Nasal/Ear Drops) etc.

A large proportion of patients visiting IBT unit constitutes of those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders viz: Knee Arthritis, Spondylosis, Ankylosing Spondilitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lumbago, Intervertebral disc prolapse, Post traumatic pain disorders, cervical spondylitis etc. Dal’k (Massage) with medicated oils, Hijama (cupping) and Irsal-e-Alaq (Leeching) have been found significantly effective in the treatment of these musculoskeletal problems.

Department on regular basis also organizes medical health camps in nearby and far-flung areas to provide curative health care services to the community. Department is consistently working towards discovery of non-phrmacotherapeutic approach in management of various disorders. It is hoped that this journey will prove beneficial for development of this discipline in particular and the system as a whole.

Faculty members of Department

Prof. Abdul Nasir Ansari Professor & HoD
Dr. Hamid Ali Associate Professor
Dr. Mohd Nayab Associate Professor
Dr. Abdul Azeez Associate Professor

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