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The Institute provides boarding and lodging for boys and girls. It has two hostels — Boys Hostel (consist of Unit I & II) and Girls Hostel. Girl’s hostel consists of 10 rooms, while each unit of boy’s hostel consists of 27 spacious rooms. Rooms are well ventilated and maintained with proper interiors and provided by table, chairs, bed and mattress facilities. The hostel premises is surrounded by lush garden, a number of big street lights to maintain visibility at night, and the beautiful view of guest house and indoor stadium situated nearby, with its beautiful surroundings. One common room is provided in each Hostel, where students can enjoy a big screen television, magazines, and newspapers. Study rooms are also provided in each unit.

Boys and girls hostels have provided round the clock electric and water supply through backup generator and 24 hours hot water supply through geyser and solar water heating system. Supply of clean and cold drinking water is ensured by water filters installed in the hostel building and dining hall.

Cleanliness and hygienic condition is continuously maintained in the hostel premises by House cleaning staff. For the safety of hostel round the clock security has been provided. Intercom phones are installed to maintain communication with administrative section and hospital in case of need.

It is an ideal place to gain knowledge and reside in comfortable environment for the students coming from various part of our country and abroad and take back its beautiful memories.

General Rules and Conditions for Residents

1. If it is found at any time that a student has been admitted to the Hostel by furnishing wrong information (forged mark-sheets/documents) or by concealment of any vital information regarding Hostel/College admission rules his/her allotment will be cancelled forthwith. If any resident is found to be forging parent's/ local guardian's signatures, he/she shall be expelled from the Hostel.

2. At the time of admission, a resident will have to give an undertaking that he/she will abide by the rules & regulations of the Hostel as framed from time to time. This undertaking will have to be countersigned by the guardian/parent of the resident.

3. Ragging in any form causing mental and physical agony, and abetment of ragging is strictly prohibited and will invite police action under IPC.

4. A resident may have a guest for a maximum period of three days with prior written permission of the Warden. The same person cannot be the guest of another student thereafter. Any resident having any unauthorized guest shall face strict disciplinary action including withdrawal of Hostel facilities. The resident must make an entry in the guest register before having a guest in his/her room. The guest register is always available with the Hostel warden.

5. The students who accommodates guest in the hostel room without prior permission shall be charged penalty at the rate of Rs. 3,000/- per head per calendar month or part thereof or as prescribed by the Wardens will be charged.

6. The penalty should be cleared within the stipulated time by the student (host) and the guest respectively. It may be noted that payment of penalty is the ultimate responsibility of the host in case the guest does not pay it.

7. The wardens shall (a) stop hostel facilities if the student (host) fails to pay the penalty (b) may recommend to the Director for terminating studentship if one repeatedly violates the rules by entertaining unauthorized guests.

8. Hostel members are expected to avail themselves of the boarding and lodging facilities only for bonafide guests.

9. Residents will be responsible for the care and maintenance of the furniture and fittings provided to them at the time of admission. Residents will have to return the allotted furniture in good condition.

10. No resident will be allowed to use electrical appliances such as heaters, immersions rods, etc and any one found using such appliances will be liable for disciplinary action, including confiscation of appliances with a fine of Rs 200/- for the first violation, Rs 400/-for the second, and Rs. 500/- on third violation and expulsion thereafter.

11. Consumption of alcoholic drinks/intoxicating drugs; etc is strictly prohibited in the Hostel. Any one indulging in the above will be liable for disciplinary action, including expulsion from the Hostel.

12. Residents must maintain proper decorum in the Hostel. They are required to behave properly with members of the mess staff, and their fellow residents. They must maintain silence in the corridors.

13. Women visitors are not allowed to enter the men resident’s rooms, similarly men visitors are not allowed to enter the women resident’s rooms. They may meet only in the Office of the Warden. Under no circumstances they can be allowed to stay in the hostel for night. Any violation of the above rules will be severely dealt with, including expulsion from the hostel.

14. Visitors are allowed to visit the girl’s hostel complex only during visiting hours, which shall be notified by the Hostel Incharge from time to time.

15. The hostel authorities shall reserve the right to check the room in the hostel at any time.

16. Residents are expected to keep their rooms, bathrooms and their surroundings tidy. They are not to disfigure the walls. They are accountable for any misuse of loss of the Hostel property.

17. The Warden/ Hostel Incharge / Director, without assigning any reason, change/open the room allotted to a resident. Non-compliance of order in this regard is to be treated as a serious breach of discipline inviting penal action. Any attempt or connivance leading to any damage to Hostel property/building or image of the institution shall be treated as an act of gross indiscipline inviting penal action, including fine as well as cancellation of seat. Every resident is required to abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel. Any one breaking any rule will be liable for disciplinary action, including a fine warning and ultimately expulsion from the Hostel for indulging in acts of misconduct.

18. All men residents of the Hostel shall be provided rooms on a double sharing basis. Rooms duly allotted cannot be changed without prior approval of the Warden.

19. Though watch and ward arrangements are provided, the Institute shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property belonging to the residents of the Hostel.

20. Members, who expect be away from the hostel for short periods exceeding 24 hours shall inform the administration of their absence, indicating the probable time of their return. Absence from the hostel without permission for more than month may entail cancellation of allotment and the adjustment of the deposit towards dues.

21. Students who (1) discontinue their studies or (2) are permitted break in studies of (3) on cancellation of their Registration for courses / Research has to leave the Institute.

22. Hostel member should exercise all possible economy in the use of water and electricity. Heaters or similar electrical appliances should not be used in the rooms.

23. Members should not meddle with fitting already in their rooms or make extra connections.

24. Defects in service, if any, should be brought directly to the notice of the Warden/Deputy Director.

25. All students shall assist the Wardens to run & maintain the hostel facilities in an efficient and smooth manner.

26. In case of any dispute, the decision given by the Provost /Hostel Incharge / Warden shall be final and binding.

27. All students should live in proper dress in hostel.

28. Male students should return hostel up to 10.00 pm after 10.00 pm the Institute gate will be closed, and no one is permitted to enter the Institute after 10.00 pm.

29. Female students are not permitted to stay out of the hostel beyond 7.00 pm. They must take prior permission from the concerned Warden/Provost for leaving the campus, in case of urgent necessities only. They must enter their movements in the Register provided while going out and reporting in (after obtaining permission).

30. Those Female Students, who require going out of station to attend wedding or other social functions, should have to take prior permission of Warden/ Provost, subject to receipt of written request for the same from parents of the student.

31. Any sort of insult, misbehave, shouting and arguing with hostel administration / Institute administration / staff / members should lead to cancellation of Hostel accommodation / rustication.

32. A resident who wishes to leave the Hostel is required to give advance notice in writing to the Warden. He/she must get a clearance certificate from the Warden in this regard.

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